Custom Ecommerce Websites

Custom Functionality

Separate your website from the competition with features and functions that are unique to your website. Increasing your conversion rates, improve upselling, and promote return customers.

Trusted by Millions - Used Daily

Between many different industries, thousands of Americans are making purchases every hour through online stores which have been created by Onamal - and processing several million monthly.

Responsive Web Design

Your custom online store will be designed to provide a steamlined experience across all mobile operating systems and web browser - allowing customers to shop online using any desktop or device.

Built for Conversions

Our experience provides an intimate understanding of the principals which drive conversions. From the very beginning, your ecommerce website will be created with your target audience in mind.

Optimzed For Search

Accessibility standards are something that the Onamal team is very familiar with and will develop your application according to the necessary standards for your location.

Grows with your Business

Built to scale on demand, and customized even after deployment. Our team will ensure your custom eCommerce website becomes a staple that your business can grow to rely on.

A/B Testing

Onamal can work with you to benchmark different conversion techniques, or flow of users through your online store. Our experts can make educated recommendations and corrections on an ongoing basis, in addition to holding our own focus groups.

Google Merchant Support

We are experienced with Google Merchant and can ensure your products are accurately displayed within search results allowing users to shop quicker and to make price comparisons; generating more attention to your online store.

WCAG Accessibility

Our team can ensure that your ecommerce website allows for persons with disabilities to properly navigate and perform a transaction on your website. This can help you reach a wider audience, as well as maintain your WCAG compliance responsibilities.

Our History

Our teams have been very fortunate, and have worked with a number of great people and companies. Check them out:

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Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Custom Ecommerce Website Development

It is important to understand that online shopping is done differently. Over 95% of Americans are shopping online now, and these customers are making their purchases from their work place, while traveling, and even while in bed. When we recognize this shift, we are able to better understand what makes an ecommerce website successful - and why it is important that shopping online should be a first class experience.

Our team of experts - designers, marketing teams, and programmers - will work with you to create an effective ecommerce website that will propel your business forward. During the initial stages of project prepation, we will prepare a strategy for success that will ensure your online store is leaps ahead of the competition, and optimized for search.

How profitable would your online business be if your conversion rates increased by 25%?

Our last focus is to ensure your conversion rate is as high as possible, to get the highest ROI for your search engine optimization and advertising campaigns. Regardless of which route you will pursue, your online store will make the best of each customer that arrives.

Your eCommerce Solution

Our teams will work with you to create an eCommerce website which caters to your business and the way it operates. We can accommodate any features or backend systems you would like. As a starting point, we generally expect to deliver the following:

  • Point and click administration E.g. Manage your online store the same with you manage your social media profiles
  • Integration with third-party API E.g. Address Validation, Geo Lookup, Existing CRM
  • Smooth transitioning from your old store. E.g. employee training, data migration, and documentation
  • Elegant architecture which can be expanded to accommodate new lines of product, or other business expansions.

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